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In this post you will find and learn the shortcuts from Photoshop Toolbar to facilitate the use. I hope you enjoy and like or reblog this post if it was useful

Shortcut Toolbar

  • A – Path Selection and Direct Selection
  • B – Brush, Pencil and Color Replacement
  • C – Crop
  • D – Reset “Foreground Color and Background Color to Black and White
  • E – Eraser, Background Eraser and Magic Eraser
  • G – Gradient and Paint Bucket
  • H – Hand
  • I – Eyedropper, Color Sampler and Measure
  • J –Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch and Red Eye
  • K –Slice and Slice Select
  • L – Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso
  • M – Rectangular Marquee and Elliptical Marquee
  • N – Notes and Audio Annotation
  • O – Dodge, Burn and Sponge
  • P – Pen and Freeform Pen
  • Q – Pattern Mode and Quick Mask Mode
  • R – “Blur, Sharpen and Smudge
  • S – Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp
  • T – Horizontal Type, Vertical Type, Horizontal Type Mask and Vertical Type Mask
  • U – Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line and Custom Shape
  • V – Move
  • X – Change Foregroud Color to Background Color
  • W – Magic Wand
  • Y – History Brush and Art History Brus
  • Z – Zoom
  • F – Pattern Screen, Fullscreen w/ Menu Bars and Fullscreen
lotte-rph(.)tumblr(.)com/post/40173889274/troianbelles-a-simple-topaz-like-action-i-was / how can i use this actiona at gifs can u make a tutorial :)

Here you go.

Do you know where to find this effect?(not sure what its called) of this gif with the broken class all coming together?shishio*god*jp/post/91197196874

It’s done in a program called after effects, which I have never really learned so I can’t help you with anything. ^~^ Sorry, hun. But I’m sure there are different tutorials of different effects somewhere online.

PSD #46 by animeps // Yamazaki Sosuke

  • PSD that tints and enhances blues and pinks.
  • Works best with neutral-ish and cool colored scenes.
  • This PSD is a little complicated. There are tons of optional layers and folders, so you’ll have to tweak it a bit and play around with the opacity.

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PSD 078 BY COLORIZEPSD. (COLORPORN DESPICABLE ME 2)  Feel free to adjust or delete some layers, but respect my work and Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And like or reblog this post. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request a psd. Thank you and ENJOY!! {dL}


PSD #5 [x]

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cdn(.)vectorstock(.)com/i/composite/34,50/crowns-vector-3450(.)jpg do you know where to find render images of these types of crowns? thank you very much

There are a bunch of brushes here on deviantart.

Hi there ! Do you know of any tutorials that do these kind of frame like edits like in here denwarenji*tumblr*com/post/97329028270/infinite-list-of-things-i-love-about-katekyo Thanks in advance though! uwu

It’s something on the lines of this.

thank you for doing this naruto dark psd <3

Hehe, I’m glad you liked it~

Can you recommend some generic psds or textures to apply on top of manga colorings? i'm new to coloring manga and i want to give my manga colorings something extra, because right now they look a bit plain. any help would be greatly appreciated

There are these ones here that would work pretty nicely. Or you can just scroll through the textures tag to see if you can find anything.

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