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I just want to thank you guys for this awesome blog. Much needed resources and I liked the coloring tutorials. 👌👌👌

Thanks so much sweetheart. <3 And glad you like the coloring tutorials~

I know it's probably a lot to ask, but do you have any idea what psds work best on colored manga caps? I know that it depends on the cap itself and how you may need to adjust the brightness/curves but I have no idea where to start or which psds work in general. can you help?

I’m not too sure on any specific psds I can recommend you. I know Annabel’s would work pretty nicely. Try to go for more subtle psds that aren’t too super bright because manga colorings are usually pretty neutral.


BLESS YOU TOO ANON. Ahhh, but I’m glad it can help you out. <3

hi hi, ok so I have a few questions. do you know how I can download a version of photoshop. I tried the adobe trial and it wont let me open it anymore. also do you know of any ways I can use psd in pixlr if I'm able to.

There are plenty of methods to downloading photoshop, you just really haven’t searched. There are a bunch listed here, and I recommend getting CC because it’s the newest. And psds are photoshop files, so there’s not any way you can open them up and use them in pixlr.

hi! i just want to ask you where i can find high def anime episodes that can be loaded onto photoshop? i use CS5 and it only allows me to upload quicktime movies. the episodes i usually download are in media player classic format. ive tried converting the episodes into quicktime movies but the program doesnt work fully unless i buy it. just wondering if theres any other way i could get the videos to be imported into photoshop? thank you :)

Only mp4 works when you import video frames to layers. You also need to keep quicktime updated as well. There are a bunch of video converters listed somewhere in here. The other alternative to gif is this method here with kmplayer. Hope this helps~


PSD #8 by Seunmilk 

Suited for Dark scenes in Naruto

Like/reblog if you take, do not claim as your own, enjoy!

do you guys have any recs for haikyuu psds? (or just general psds that can be used with the main like orangey browns in haikyuu :)) thnaky ou!

You can try this one and this one.

hello i have a problem with sharpening, i cant sharpen all layers at once because my ps doesn't have the button, which ps should i download?

That usually happens with a pirated CS6 and lower. So I recommend updating to CC, I still have the convert to timeline button.

do you happen to have any tuts on how to get the movement around a mangacap on here, like scrolling across and all that razzle dazzle...or any blogs that potentially could, I've been looking for a while but haven't found any yet>~<

I can’t find a tutorial on it either. ;u; I feel like there’s a bunch of animations you can do so it’s kind of a broad subject to cover. But the closest thing is this tutorial here, so that’s all I can really provide you with.

hey i was just wondering, do you know how to make an edit gif thing? like those edits of a picture and then there are the moving hearts or the exclamation points or the characters reactions... i tried making a shape on one of the frames, and then moving it on the other frame, but photoshop moves the shape for ALL the frames. how do you make it move for just one frame?

There’s a tutorial on it here and here for gif textures in the gif textures tag. And usually, when you move a layer in the first, it moves for all the rest.

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