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  • adjust brightness/contrast layer accordingly

Do you have any tutorials or tips on how to keep gifs high quality? Like what settings how many frames max? What filters?

Frame count doesn’t really matter. For filters, as long as you’re not blowing anything out of proportion, it doesn’t matter all that much either. I don’t even use any sometimes. What does matter, however is the coloring. If there are too many colors, or if they’re too bright, your gif will not only be a larger size, but the quality will die out. Add textures, they help out a lot too. And as for the settings when saving the gif, I find that these are the best when I gif.


woah okay i thought you just had it wrong lol thank you so much for going through the trouble of getting another tutorial. just got really confused orz thanks for the great help!

You’re welcome. <3 Glad I could help sweetheart~


about the last ask you answered (the snow or petals falling tutorial).. is that link really supposed to be it? the one you linked it to is gif inside text tutorial. i was curious about the same thing asked and went to the link or maybe i misunderstood the question or maybe it's really quite done with the same procedure..?? lol

Mhmm, it’s done with the same procedure just with a snow/petals gif. I also found this tutorial as well, if that clears up anything for you.


hey! do you know how to make a gif or text with a flower petal or snow falling in it?

Just follow this tutorial here, and use a flower petal gif or whatever instead.


So I tried out your manga cleaning tutorial (thank you for making it btw) and everything worked except for problems with the screentone. It makes it look really pixelated when I post it. Do you know know any ways to prevent this? Thanks in advance

You could duplicate the layer once before you start cleaning it, and just follow the steps for one layer, and keep the original duplicated layer on top. Then you can mask everything out except for the area with the screentone. Or just simply erase everything else out.

psd  by seunmilk

i recommend this psd for light or colorful scenes, doesn’t work much for dark ones;;

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this blog is a lifesaver, omg

Glad you think so. <3


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